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What’s the difference between addiction, tolerance, and dependence?

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Set boundaries for yourself and others and stick to them.

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What Are Boundaries?

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  1. Decide how many meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and days you will plan and prepare. I always have an easy breakfast that is easy to make available, so I concentrate on meal planning lunch and dinner, five…

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The Pain Scale

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Here’s what you need to know.

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Before The Talk

  1. Know your stuff. Learn, at least, the basic information about your illness so you can be prepared to answer their medical questions.
  2. Be prepared for them to not understand how you feel. If they don’t have a chronic illness, they probably won’t understand what…

Julie Sunshine Hodges

Julie, aka The Pain Guru, lives with chronic pain in Nevada, teaches yoga/meditation, and loves life with a husband and dogs, paranormal team, and outdoor fun.

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